Will the talks be recorded?

  • Yes! All talks will be recorded and available for free after the conference on YouTube.

Why should I attend?

  • A conference is about much more than just the talks presented there. It is about the connections and the people you’ll meet who are also working in KiCad. Plus we’ll have events and gatherings that will not be recorded.

What if I don’t know how to use KiCad?

  • This is a great place to learn how to use KiCad! A lot of the talks will be focused around beginners getting started with KiCad and their best practices for using open source software to build hardware.

What does the conference include?

  • Tickets for KiCon 2019 include food and drink for all attendees, as well as potential swag (TBD). We are charging for tickets so we know how many people to expect, have sufficient cashflow to cover conference costs and to ensure conference attendees have “skin in the game” (that people who buy tickets show up). All excess funds from the conference will be donated to the KiCad project via the CERN & Society Foundation

How do I get to the conference? Where should  I stay?

How can I help with KiCon?

Is it pronounced “K-eye-Con” or “Kee-Con”?

  • Buy a ticket to the event and you can debate the merits of one pronunciation over another…in person!


Have more questions? Email FAQ@kicad-kicon.com