Keynote Speakers

We have a few speakers lined up as keynotes or high levels talks for KiCon 2019. We're definitely looking for more people, so please submit a talk proposal as well. You'll get a free ticket and will get to share the stage with great names such as the people below!

Wayne Stambaugh

Wayne Stambaugh is the project lead for KiCad. He manages the software development of all developers spread throughout the world and also maintains the roadmap of future features. He will be giving a talk about the state of KiCad and explaining where the project is going.

Michael Ossmann

Michael Ossmann is an engineer and founder of Great Scott Gadgets. They make the RF spectrum more hackable with tools like the Ubertooth One, the Yardstick One and the HackRF. All GSG designs are open source hardware and made with KiCad.

Dave Vandenbout

Dave Vandenbout is the creator or KiCost, KiField and SKiDL. Dave formerly ran XESS, an FPGA board company that created accessible designs for people looking to utilize FPGAs in their projects. Dave will be talking about SKiDL and how to replace the graphical component of your design with code.

Maciej (Orson) Sumiński

Maciej Sumiński, widely known as Orson, has been a computer passionate since his childhood. During daytime he works as a C++ programmer at CERN, but his nights are spent on harnessing electrons. Maciej strongly supports both open source and open hardware initiatives, and the two values combined made him join KiCad developers team in 2013. Since that time he has been regularly contributing to the project, perpetually striving to improve KiCad.